About Us


Started off as a fun hobby. Turned into a small business. Located in a city called Cumberland, Md.

I started this business as a hobby and to try something new. I have been in the custom apparel/keepsakes business for 3 years now.

As a mom of 3 teenagers, they help me with a lot. From designs that would be popular to items to offer. They also help with printing and other jobs.

I decided to take my hobby to the next level because I wanted to do something to help get my kids what they need for school, sports and to build something they could be a part of and grow when they get older.  I do a lot of work for local organizations and local businesses. I donate locally every chance I get.

I take pride in my work and the love my customers have for it. I always check the quality before sending out. My work is my reputation. And my reputation is my work.

So, thank you for visiting my website and shopping with me and know you made a great choice shopping with me.